PE or PU Foam; together as a pack brings the benefits of the different materials into a single solution.

We manufacture just foam, or a full composite pack in both foam and corrugated, to cushion and protect your products. We pick the right combination of materials to suit your individual application and manufacture all the pack in-house.

We supply small to large volume requirements confidently to customers throughout the UK.


Polyethylene (PE) foam is a high performance cushioning material. It is a multi-use foam which is designed to protect your products. Brand names include Novastrat® and Polylam®.


Polyurethane (PU) Packaging is a foam cushioning product. We convert foam into various solutions to protect your products. This material comes in a wide range of densities and sizes.

Technical Foams

We can offer the fabrication and conversion of other more specialised foam, including rubber and polymer based substrates that come in various colours and densities.